Haiku Good Friday

That's a haiku name
So is his sister's
Yeah, I got nothin'
Three weeks left of my leave time
Then it's back to work


Christa Tuesday - 8 weeks

"Sissy, are you a lemur?" were the words uttered by Casey when he saw her in this get-up on the way to school. I broke out her 3-month sized clothing this month. My little girl is getting bigger. She'll be 2 months old on Friday. My how time flies!
She's smiling so much more now and has discovered a bit of a talking voice. She refuses the pacifier but loves to suck on her knuckles. She's getting better at the bottle and gets a few ounces of formula before bedtime. She's getting over her first cold so there has been a lot of snot sucking going on in the house. I find that nursing in excess seems to help her clear up so you know my boobs have been in overdrive.
Husband is wrapping things up at his job because I'm making him quit in May so is down south this week. I have friends and my mom helping in the evening but it's amazing how busy you can be with an 8-week old and a 3.5 year old. It's nonstop. He requires a lot of attention and play, she requires a lot of boob and holding. Then we add Betty to the mix and it's just a whirlwind of activity. I don't know how single mothers (or fathers) do it. Kudos to them but I don't want any part of it.


Weekend Pics

On Friday, my MIL and I went to a quilt show at the Ventura Fairgrounds. This was one of my favorites and also one of my photo scavenger hunt words (rainbow). Some took people decades to make which leads me to believe I will never be a quilter as I lack serious patience. My MIL, however, is a very good quilter and I'm the proud owner of many of hers.
I bought this at the quilt show because I thought it would just be a cute and silly Easter decoration but it turns out it has a recipe inside to make s'mores. Neat!
Casey loves Play-Doh and one of his favorite things to have me do is make snails. His favorite thing to do himself is to mix the colors which drives the OCD in me kind of insane. Beautiful colors that turn into gray. Every time.
Three words: Why so serious.
Something we always did with Casey as a baby was naked time. Now it's sissy's turn and Casey decided to join in on the fun. So sweet.


Haiku Friday

In-Laws here all week
They go back home tomorrow
Wish that wasn't so
It sure has been nice
Having extra helping hands 
Casey's on cloud nine
Wish they would move here
Michigan's so far away
Cali's much nicer


Christa Tuesday - 7 Weeks

Christa got the pleasure of meeting her Michigan Grandparents this week! She is the 8th of their grandchildren. I imagine by the time they leave she will not want to be put down because she is getting lots of cuddle time in right now. Casey is home from day care as well so she gets a lot of attention from him too. He loves to hold her but it's rarely for more than a minute at a time. He can't stand when she has her socks on so I hope she doesn't mind being barefoot.
She's growing very quickly. Her 0-3 month clothing is getting to be quite snug. She's staying awake for longer periods of time during the day so that's fun. She has a little jungle gym and that's where she "talks" the most. She still loves to kick the dangling lion but now she's trying to grip the thing it hangs on with her toes. She's getting quite generous with the smiles these days but I sometimes wonder if it's not just gas because she usually lets out a fart when she looks the most happy.
She's getting better at taking a bottle but she still screams at it. I guess we need to find her when she's more hungry. I think mostly, though, before bedtime, she nurses for comfort and my nipple does a better job than that imposter nipple. She slept for 5 and a half hours the other night and then for another 3 after nursing so that was awesome. Wish I could figure out the trick that would make that happen more often!


Haiku Friday on a Saturday

So... baby acne
Christa got it really bad
And it made me sad
I stopped using soap
And lotion. Water only.
Just used lanolin
It's so much better
Not sure if it was just time
Or all my efforts
After (one week later)


Christa Tuesday - 6 Weeks

I can't believe we are at the 6-week mark, five more weeks at home with her until I go back to work. I go to the OBGYN today for the first time since having her so let's hope I get the all clear. Christa is trying to smile these days and is awake a lot more than usual. For the most part at night she sleeps for 3.5 hours, then 2.5 hours then about an hour in a row. I would like those to be longer stretches but c'est la vie.We took our first out of town trip with her last weekend down to LA. She did very well considering she sort of hates the car seat when we put her in there. We sat outside most of the time and she seemed to be in a bit of a coma most of our visit which was lovely.
She no longer has her terrible diaper rash so that's awesome. She's also no longer having the little squirt poops in every diaper. Now, she seems to take pride in taking poops that spill out of her diaper. My goodness. I don't recall that happening with Casey but it's happened at least twice in the last week with Christa. Way to poop, Sis. Her baby acne seems to be clearing up but her cheeks are still pretty red and dry. It makes me very, very sad that her pretty face is covered in blemishes. I stopped using soap and lotion on her and am just giving a warm bath with water on a wee baby facecloth. I'd skip the bath altogether to let her oils get back to normal but there's that whole poop situation I just mentioned. Hopefully her face is all cleared up by the time her Michigan grandparents arrive this weekend.
This little girl really loves to be held and kind of fusses when we put her down but she is loving her little jungle gym pad more and more. She likes to kick the dangling lion and smack the giraffe and the monkey around. We get the most coos out of her when she's doing that. She is consistently rolling from tummy to back so that wasn't a fluke. Now she seems to be working on rolling from back to tummy but has successfully made it from back to side. Little monster.