Christa Tuesday - 23 Weeks

Little Miss Christa is finally over the cold of death that she had for too many days! This past weekend was a real struggle because all she wanted to do was nurse when in real life, she has bottles almost all day long during the week. It was very frustrating that she would refuse the bottle every time I'd try to give it to her for a couple reasons: A) Formula is like $17 a bag so when you're basically throwing money down the drain, it burns. B) Because she takes the bottle at Maria's, I have anxiety that my milk supply cannot keep up with the demands she has. I knew she was feeling better on Sunday night because she finally took a bottle from me.
She didn't want the bottle (from Husband either in case you're wondering why he didn't just do it, because he tried) but she definitely bombed on eating the baby food so that was good. At first, we were just experimenting with feeding her because it's still real early so we'd only give her about half the tiny container at a time. This weekend, though, she killed a whole container a couple times like a hungry little hippo. She even grabs your hand to guide the spoon to her mouth and leans in for it. It's real cute. So far we've tried carrots, some berry mixture, sweet potatoes and some chicken veggie thing that resembles chicken noodle soup. Yes, I tried it. Grody.
It was real hard getting up with her multiple times a night because she has spoiled me for so long by being such a good sleeper. We made it through but one night she was up from 1 until 3:30 and I thought I was going to lose my mind. Lack of sleep is absolute torture but when you add a sick baby to the mix that can't breathe and has a cough, well that's just the worst. Baby laryngitis? No sadder sound in the world exists. The amount of snot that was backed up in her was so so sad, you guys. It was coming out of her eyes. She was like choking on it and would cough and cough. UGH. The worst. And for a baby that never cries? Well she's just been the moodiest little emo baby. She didn't want to be held or put down.  So yeah, that's the update for this little monster this week. Sickness and food stuff. Real exciting.


Last Haiku Friday of July

Sickness, go away! 
I just want a nice weekend
In the sun and warmth
I also want sleep
But Christa is too snotty
Awake and upset
Healthy and happy
Is my wish for everyone
Especially us


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good
  • Husband starts a new (albeit seasonal) job on Monday! Plus he's been killing in the interview department. Things are rocking and rolling!
  • Casey went on a field trip with his wee daycare today to Chuck E Cheese (and I didn't have to chaperone! Ha!).
  • Christa slept ten hours straight last night and is taking a bottle today for Maria like a good little girl.
The Bad
  • Summer colds and/or working that keep us from frolicking in the warm sunshine and the outdoors.
  • I've missed quite a bit of work due to Christa and I having colds so my sad little supply of vacation/sick time has been dwindled down to practically nothing.
  • Not being able to cheer up a sad friend and/or being able to convince her that she's better than the people around her.
The Ugly
  • Watching two married people with children act like selfish, petty, immature assholes and being dragged down into their drama.
  • The state of our savings accounts. Yikes. 
  • The snot and coughs and sadness of laryngitis that plague my wee little Christa girl as she tries to overcome the second little cold in her tiny life.


Christa Tuesday - 22 Weeks

Christa turned five months old on Friday. She went to JC Penney's on Saturday and simply killed it with her portraits that were very patriotically themed. Why not right? With Casey's portraits, I never thought to actually have fun with them. With a girl, I can accessorize with adorable hats and themes! What?! I know. It's too much.
Miss Christa is currently at the doctor with her daddy because she has a pretty bad cold. Weighing in at 15 pounds! She's got a mean cough and her snot level is off the charts, so much so that it's even coming out of her wee eyes. I think we're erring on the side of caution but I get scared at the thought of my wee baby having pneumonia or conjunctivitis (a.k.a. pink eye) so we're just going to go ahead and make sure she is okay.
***Update: Not pink eye but we still need to do eye drops. Just a bad cold but no fever or lung congestion.
She's been eating her little veggies with us at dinner time and at Maria's. We're still doing mostly bottle with a side of boob. Aside from the past two nights what with her cold and all, she's sleeping like a champ. Our weekend was basically spent in quarantine because of all the sickies so other than her portraits we didn't do too much. I did learn, however, that she is deeply in love with sitting on the rocking chair outside and watching Betty play. If Betty comes close enough, she'll grab her ears or lean forward to grab her face. She giggles at the sight of her and giggles when Betty licks her hands and face. I have a feeling those two are going to be thick as thieves.


Haiku Friday

I got pretty sick
And spent all day in my bed
This was yesterday
Feel a bit better
But I'd rather be at home
Sleeping in the nude
No kids at the house
The things you take for granted
Am I right you guys?


Christa Tuesday - 21 Weeks

It's so hard to believe that she will be five months old on Friday. Where does the time go!? This past weekend was her second time in the swimming pool and we made sure to bring a camera this time. She's in her fashionable new tutu bathing suit and stylish Target "Captain America" floppy hat that we got for like $5 on clearance. Nice. I wanted to credit her being an Aquarius as having something to do with her being such a water baby but it turns out that is an "air" element sign so there goes my theory. I hope we all learned something here today. We used reusable/washable diapers in the pool and they worked so much better than the Huggies Little Swimmers we used the last time because they don't swell nearly as much when they absorb the water. That's a good thing to accidentally stumble upon because when my coworker gave us those reusable diapers I kind of laughed out loud because I'm so not the eco-friendly kind of diaper washing mom and was pretty much never going to use them.
On Saturday we took Christa to visit her great-grandma at her assisted living home. Gran is in a place that specializes in memory care so there aren't a lot of invalids, per se, just bunch of confused old folks. Anyway, as we were leaving I sort of passed Christa around the table to about six old folks for some hugging because they really didn't take their eyes off of her the whole time we were visiting Gran on the patio. It was pretty cute for the most part but a couple of the old ladies got a little carried away and didn't look like they were going to give her back to me. One lady said she wanted to adopt a baby and I said that was nice and then she got pretty adamant and told me how serious she was and I kind of had to take my baby back before she pulled any funny business. It's amazing how much happiness a tiny baby and her big brother can bring the people that are there. I was happy to have that moment.
Probably the highlight of the weekend was the giggle fit Christa had on Sunday afternoon. I never know what's going to set her off but it's so sweet when she gets going. Blowing kisses on her big ol' thighs seemed to tickle her as well as me sort of cackling like a witch, which frankly doesn't sound that nice but she seemed to enjoy it. She's such a wee pleasure to be around. She took good naps all weekend and went back to sleeping from around 7:30 to 5ish. I can't tell you how much I love that. She is also eating her wee Gerber baby food off a wee spoon and it's just too much fun. I forgot how much I miss opening my mouth and making dumb faces and noises to teach her what to do. And what a mess! Delicious. 


Weekend Pictures

The weekend started off with these smiling siblings and it was just all uphill from there. We didn't do too much other than visit great-grandma, hit a park and swim in a pool but it was a great weekend.
 Here's a rear shot of the cutest wee bathing suit ever.
 Here I am with my sweet little angel face water baby.
 Casey went from being scared to go under water and scared to leave the steps to cannon-balling like a pro! Gotta love it.
You know what they say about sun and water: knocks a kid OUT!
We rewarded that nap with a popsicle. I can't get enough of this kid's blue eyes.
Oh yea, I'm white. Sunburned like a rookie.