Christa Tuesday - 30 Weeks

Little Miss Christa Tutu turns SEVEN MONTHS OLD on Thursday. Can you believe it? Could time go any faster? Husband and I were talking and he remembered how when he would go on deployment for seven months at a time that it would drag on and on. Now, it's like we blink and a month has flown by. She's growing by leaps and bounds and her personality is just exploding out of her tiny little body. She eats like a horse! Last night she ate half a banana and a bowl full of crushed blueberries and strawberries in one sitting. Then she topped it off with six ounces of formula. Needless to say, but I'll say it: her poops are glorious.
She came with me to the doctor yesterday for her brother's four-year checkup and a retest of her urine (which was all good). I was trying to keep her busy so I could be a part of Casey's exam so I set some Cheerios in front of her and she just chowed down on them the whole time. Dr. Sally was stunned at her ease and comfort in feeding herself and mentioned that she normally sees nine-month-old babies eat that well but not really babies her age. I felt pretty proud of her. Dr. Sally was also happy to see how well she uses my fingers to pull herself into a standing position. I'm predicting she will walk before nine months.
And finally, I should address the picture I used this week. Betty and Christa are deeply, madly in love with one another. When Christa sees Betty she squeals. She smiles from ear to hear and throws her hands out as if to embrace the dog. Betty sits right in front of her so Christa can grab her face and pull her ears and doesn't mind one bit. Lately Betty has been sliding right next to Christa on the floor for the hugs and kisses you see above. God forbid one of us doesn't react instantly if Christa makes a peep otherwise Betty is all over us. A girl and her dog, right?


Scant Weekend Pics

On Saturday, mom and I took the kids to visit Great -Grandma for a spell.
 Then in the afternoon I added Christa's name to my ankle along with two stars for the babies we lost. Christa is considered a "rainbow baby" because she came after a loss so I kind of love the way her name arches like a rainbow. It feels complete now.
Casey was responsible for his class mascot, Buddy the Frog, this weekend. 
Here we are enjoying "Friday Sunday Pancake Breakfast."
 In the afternoon I bought new furniture for our house (HOORAY!) and on the way to the store we saw a wee pony had escaped its trailer and was being led back to it right next to the freeway on-ramp. My mind went wild with imagining how this came to be. Were they stopped at the light and the pony just tried to make a break for it? Were they driving and the pony finally had enough so it kicked its way out and the drivers only knew of its escape because of the thud they heard as it hit the ground? So many possibilities!


Haiku Friday

Another Friday
They seem to pop up quickly
I lose track of days
We've got good routines
Husband, the children and I
The week runs smoothly
I fear the changes
That are on the horizon
Messing up our flow


Christa Tuesday - 29 Weeks

Little Miss Christa here is happiest when she's standing. I really doubt that she will crawl but think she will actually just go straight from rolling here and there to walking. That's not me boasting, that's just me calling it as I see it. If she sees your hands in front of her, she's reaching for them and using you to pull herself up. It's basically all she wants to do and I'm just there to help her balance. Maria bought her this thing on wheels that she can "stand up" in and "walk" around her hardwood floors so now she's spoiled. She also uses the stand-up bouncy thing a lot at our house, but mostly I think she thinks it's her toilet because #2s happen a lot in there.
On Saturday we introduced Cheerios for the first time and she's a big fan. I've just been feeding her bite sized pieces of things that we have been eating and seeing what sticks but she's really happy when she can grab handfuls of round cereal. She has eaten sausage, chicken, rice, noodle soup, pancakes, eggs and so much more but really did not seem to enjoy banana in the least. I don't think she's crazy about the little baby food things (especially not pears!) any more because she just makes fart noises with her lips and spits the food all over my person. Not a fan of that trick. I haven't nursed her in days so it's all formula from here on out.
She's been "singing" a lot lately and it is just the cutest thing ever. I love the sound of her tiny voice, all her coos and giggles (she's the most ticklish when I nomnomnom on her collar bone and boobies). She doesn't seem to be crying as much either so I think the initial teething pains may have passed (Thank you, infant Motrin!). Those two little teeth, front and bottom middle, are quite prominent but I don't have a picture of them yet. Maybe next week. She's sitting up very well on her own and really loves bath time with her brother now that she can be more interactive as opposed to just lying there in her mini tub. She's just so damn fun.


Weekend Pictures

 Sometimes Christa's hair is spectacular.
 BFF & I went out for the morning and she took this picture of me and my daughter together. Because if she and I don't do it, no one will. We were having a beer at Anacapa Brewing Company for my dad's birthday at 11:30 a.m.. Prior to that we'd had breakfast at Mrs. Olson's Coffee Hut, went to an impromptu car show along Main Street in Ventura and hit the Old Mission San Buenaventura
 Later that night we went to O-sabi with the whole fan damily to celebrate Dad some more. Casey was enthralled with the flaming preparation and the chef's showmanship. Had my dad been there, he'd have been smiling from ear to ear seeing his family have so much fun and the kids behaving so well.
 Christa had a huge day on Saturday so Sunday found her like this. All sweaty and exhausted. We did diddly squat other than a quick trip to Target. Most of the afternoon was spent outdoors or watching football.
 See what I mean about being the only one to photograph me with my children?
 Unintentional Betty censorship makes me laugh.
Could these two love each other more?


Haiku Friday

So tomorrow would have been
Sixty-seven years
I can't believe it
You've been gone for ten months now
And it still hurts bad
Daddy's little girl
Most days I'm lost without you
Happy birthday, Poo.


Christa Tuesday - 28 Weeks

Big news in Christa's world right now are two teeth popping up, lower front. This means a lot of discomfort and drool and tears. We have become familiar with Motrin this weekend for sure. I also wouldn't rule out a growth spurt as well because her appetite has tripled. She's started eating with her hands so we're trying new things like baby snacks that dissolve in spit and crackers. She can also finish those little Gerber cups like a champ and can eat up to three a day. She's not a fan of me smooshing up actual bananas but she seemed to really dig avocados.
We also tried out this baby backpack thing that is pictured for a longer period of time this weekend. We've been using it around the yard with her facing outward and she seems to really like that. This time, I turned her around, facing me, and we walked out and about at the museum and the surrounding little trails and she never made a peep. She had her first little outdoor picnic there, sitting upright and eating like a big girl. We discovered this weekend that unless she is sleeping, she's not a big fan of the car. Boy oh boy did she cry on the way up to Santa Barbara and on the way back from LA. Not a good time for mom. No, sir.
And in mommy news, I guess my milk supply is basically non-existent all of a sudden. I blame the insane stress I have been under for the past few weeks as well as the lack of sleep. A baby up four times a night does not make for a well-rested mommy. Christa is mainly on formula now and maybe that's not that bad of a deal because truthfully the idea of teeth and nipples does not really appeal to me. I'm stoked we've had this six and a half months of nursing though. We went quite a bit further than Casey and I did. He stopped at three months.