Christa Tuesday - 32 Weeks

Boy do I long for the days when Christa would just sleep through the night. She wakes up crying at least two or three times every night but just can't seem to comfort herself back to falling asleep. This means I need to get up, put her chupie back in her mouth and she instantly falls back asleep. It's all over very quickly but I still need to get out of bed so I'm kind of over it. Too bad she doesn't seem to care.
Other than that, she's just so dang pleasant to be around. She loves to act bashful and smile big toothy grins while nose-laughing. My uncles are visiting from Germany and they keep asking when she cries because mostly she has a very calm disposition. Is this as upset/excited as she gets? She's so quiet! She eats so well! It's pretty fun to see them be so pleased with her because the first time they met her, she was a mere three weeks old I think. Not very exciting at that blob stage. 
This weekend I helped her find her balance long enough to stand a few seconds at a time without holding on to me. All this girl wants to do is stand up. She will seek out your fingers and raise them in the air because she knows that's what will get her off of her butt. She's not really crawling but she sure is good at rolling hither and yon. If she's in a bad mood at the witching hour (7 pm, every night), nothing can flip that mood like the sound of a bath running. Lately she sleeps from 7:30 to 5:30 which is pretty good aside from all the crying. I'm still fascinated by her willingness to eat anything and lots of it. This week's new milestone? Fish.
On a side note, Husband and I went out for a couple beers on Friday. We were at the brewery having lunch when a pre-teen girl stood up to play with her mom's hair. I don't know what's wrong with me but we can't go on a date and get a little tipsy without me falling apart. I got so emotional thinking about Christa being a girl that age so naturally I started weeping at the dinner table. Damn my little girl for making me a sappy mess.


Movie Review Haiku Friday Catch Up

So, we bought Neighbors
Thankfully the whim paid off
This shit was funny
Efron and Rogen
Two of my movie crushes
Killing it on screen
Husband liked it too
 The ending had me crying
And laughing so hard


Go Blue

Last night the Dodgers clinched the National League West and I can only imagine how happy this would have made my dad. That man had been a diehard fan since those boys were back in Brooklyn. His dedication to his team was so strong it rubbed off on his offspring, for goodness sakes. So many of my memories of him involve the Dodgers in some shape or form, whether it be the games we attended together, the LA cap or polo shirt he always seemed to wear, or listening to him cuss them out on TV even when they were winning. There's a reason they call it a blue streak, I think.
It's because of my dad that I have a "birthday game" at Chavez Ravine every year. My dad was with me at Dodger Stadium when Husband proposed. My dad was there when I got on the jumbo tron. My dad and the Dodgers - for me - may as well be one in the same.Yesterday I asked my boss if I could have seats to the playoffs from our office's season tickets if the Dodgers got there. Before I went to sleep, I saw they were winning and all of that must have seeped into my subconscious because I got a dream out of it.
I dreamed that Husband and I were at a hotel waiting to go to this playoff game and we were supposed to give two of the tickets away to this lady and her daughter. It turned out that they had tickets already so I called my dad to see if he wanted to go. His phone went to voice-mail and the message said he was at a doctor's appointment. I tried my mom and couldn't get a hold of her either. For some reason, I had to go down to move our car so I took the elevator down and when the doors opened, there were my folks waiting in the lobby to come with us to a game. I rarely dream about my dad so when I saw him sitting there in his Dodger pullover that he always wore to games, my heart just swelled. It felt so real and I simply can't put into words how good it was to see him. Even as I type this, I have to take a deep breath because I'm just overcome. I'd like to think he knew how much I needed to see him, to celebrate that moment with him, and he showed up on purpose. I can't tell you how much I hope the Dodgers don't fuck this up for him and if they were to actually win the World Series this year, that would just be it for me. For him. Here's to hoping.


A Book Review - WTF, Right!?

Ohmygosh you guys. The last time I finished a book was in January of 2013. Do you know how ashamed I am to type that? I long for the days when I used to devour book after book, week after week but almost two years has passed. That means way too much time is spent on Entertainment Weekly and the mother-effing internet. Yuck. Anyway, last week I got tired of looking at BJ Novak's One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories sitting on the back of my toilet and I swore I would finish it. And I did. In like three days. Thank goodness it was slow at work. 
The last four books I read prior to this one have essentially been compilations of short stories so I will try to branch out on the next one but in the meantime, this has been a pretty good genre for me. It took me months of potty reading to really get into this book because it was a little too weird at first, I think. These weren't short stories in the way I was used to them, like how David Sedaris pretty much writes essays. Some of these short stories were only a couple lines long like the one that simply said:
"I was sad that summer was over.
But I was happy that it was over for my enemies, too." 
My brain kind of couldn't wrap around that idea but once I got into it I found myself really enjoying them. 
BJ Novak was a writer (and actor) for The Office, which was one of my all-time favorite shows. He also wrote (and guest starred) in an episode of The Mindy Project - another of my favorites. I swear that I and the rest of their fan base wants him and Mindy Kaling to just be romantically together in real life and cut the shit but that's a story for another day. As a writer, he really has an amazing talent setting so many different voices and mood tones. Some of the stories were snarky, some romantic, some silly, some quite thought provoking. The one that stands out in my mind right now though, is a story called The Comedy Central Roast of Nelson Mandela. He was able to really nail the speaking patterns of well-known comedians (Jeffrey Ross, Sarah Silverman, Gilbert Gottfried, Lisa Lampanelli), so much so that I could actually "hear" their voices in my head and I just don't know that many people can actually nail something like that like he did. 
But I guess you'll just have to read it yourself to understand what the heck I'm trying to say. I would go ahead and recommend this book for a regular potty reader for sure. Makes it last longer. And that's a compliment.


Christa Tuesday - 31 Weeks

When we took Christa to JCPenney's this weekend for her 7-month pictures, the photographer told me she had won first place in her region by useng the picture we signed off on for promotional use the first month of Christa's wee life. That made me feel so happy, you know? I mean, after so many trips to the mall for these photos, I start to hate the whole idea of it. Then something nice comes of it - aside from the awesome photo diary of her first year - and it kind of makes it all worth it.
I'm not entirely sure but I think there may be more teeth coming. There's a lot of grumpiness and the chupie is in use more now than ever. We try to restrict it to sleep time and the car seat for the most part, though, which is much better than we were with Casey. This child is happiest when she is eating. Maria sent me a video of her chowing down on a peach like she'd never seen food before and it made me laugh. Last night, she had a pizza crust she was going to town on and when I took it away from her she began to cry. It's just too funny. She's also getting pretty good at using a sippy cup and will sit in that little green chair and throw herself backwards to chug her water. It's pretty funny because she looks like a tiny drunk person.
She's not crawling yet but she is rolling around a lot and we'll find her far from where we left her sometimes. With assistance, like if you prop her up on something, she'll stand all day long. And if you're kind enough to hunch over and hold her hands, she takes little steps down the hallway or further. She's also getting louder and louder with each passing day. Lots of Bwah sounds and Mems. She squeals and laughs. Her "monster face" where she scrunches up her eyes and mouth and nose happens a lot more frequently. My favorite thing about her, though, is that smile. She's very generous with it and that just makes me so happy.


Hash House Harriers Weekend Pics

This weekend we participated in our first gathering of the Hash House Harriers of Camarillo. Don't worry, I needed to Google it too. Basically, it's a group of "drinkers with a running problem." This crew didn't run so much because many of us were bogged down by children, but we did a pretty serious 3-mile hike through a park area of Camarillo and drank along the way. Here's a funny story: Husband used to live with this lady named Kassandra. For those of you that watch survivor, she was Chaos Kass this last season. Anyway, she had convinced him to blog much in the same vein that BFF convinced me to blog and we credit these two along with this platform for us getting married. Thanks, Blogger! So, we're waiting for this HHH race/run thing to start and there is this chick there who asks how I know Kassandra and I tell her how she used to be roomies with Husband and she goes "The blog!" and I felt like our secret identity had been revealed. It was super surreal to have someone recognize us from this place. Very weird but also kind of awesome because I don't know if "we met on the internet blogging" is the most romantic story of all time.
 Here is "Kiki" (Casey's new nicknack for Christa) getting ready to roll.
 Here are all of us a the starting point in our pirate-themed gear as was required by the HHH group. Day after Talk Like A Pirate Day and what have you.
 Can Husband seriously not do kissy/duckface every damn time we take a selfie?
 And for those of you that say we don't look alike, I say suck it.
After the hike we met up at the hosts' house for a BBQ and there was this old doggie who claimed Christa as her best friend because she had Cheerios. You guys should have seen the dang playroom that belonged to the children that lived there. WHOA. There was also this dude there that was totally wasted who kind of started to pick a fight with Kassandra and Husband because they were corpsmen or Seabees or some damn thing and I was like really? We're 40 and we have beef? No. Aside from that, though, super nice people and a super fun time and Casey got to play with friends and swim in a pool on a nice hot day. I guess we're invited to a Zombie run in October. Run? Me? Nope. But the idea is nice!


I'm A Sap Haiku Friday

Almost said goodbye
To our bunny friend today
The one with no name
I'm allergic now
And Husband always has been
Bun gets few pets now
But he's Betty's bud
Been together her whole life
We couldn't do it

Here's a little back story to this haiku that I feel warrants being told. There is a driver that delivers to our work named Lance. Lance has more money than God but he still drives trucks for personal reasons. He had a bunny that he loved deeply. That bunny had his own house. Not a "house in the yard" like another term for a cage but an actual house. Like my house. But designated for the bunny. Yeah. Anyway, Lance's bunny died last week because it got bunny cancer. Lance knows all about my bunny and how I can't really love him as much as I want to and he offered to take my bunny. What an opportunity for my neglected Bun to have a rich new daddy! I thought Husband would have zero cares to give about this but he felt if we took Bun away from Betty, she would be too sad without him, that Bun calms Betty. I thought that was very sensitive and thoughtful of Husband. I must be the devil because I never even considered the dumb dog and her suicidal thoughts if she lost her BFF.