Six Days Til Christmas Haiku Friday

A haircut today
Probably leaving early
To do some shopping
Buy last minute gifts
And trying not to lose it
In-Laws come Sunday
And then before we know it
Christmas will be here


Christa Tuesday - 43 Weeks

Christa will be ten months old on Thursday. I guess it's true about taking less pictures of your second baby because I didn't have a single picture of her taken within the last week to use for today's post. This was one BFF took a while ago and I think she's cute and half-naked so there you go. Then again, I think even if I had a picture, it would be a blur because this child never stops moving. If there is something she can be in, she is in it: the Christmas tree, the toilet, the closet, the fireplace tools... nothing is safe.
She's not walking yet but she's crawling quickly. We often catch her standing up, mostly in the bath tub, but I've yet to see her take steps. This morning, Maria told me she took two steps on her own yesterday. It won't surprise me if she walks for Maria before she walks for me. If I recall correctly, the same thing happened with Casey.
Christa isn't exactly the snuggliest of babies but she is definitely in a clingy time of her baby life. BFF tried to hold her on Sunday and she cried a lot for no reason. The same thing happened for the babysitter weekend before last. And it happens when her aunt tries to hold her. The only folks she seems to allow are her parents, my mom and Maria. She really wants to climb up my legs all the time but if I try to hold her she squirms right out of my grasp. I guess she just wants to be near me but on her terms. 
Her top teeth are out and sharp and she tries to give kisses that end up being bites. She shakes her head from left to right often and will mimic you when you say "Ah ah ah" in a negative fashion. She's starting to learn how to wave. Sometimes when we leave the house and say bye to the house, she'll chime in with a "bah bah" and that's fun. She loves to pat her brother on his head and pull his golden hair. And mostly, she just is the most loveable thing in the house.

EDIT: Here's one I took that night...


Weekend Pics

 Here we are at the lamest of the lame Christmas parties but looking dapper as heck! Shawn the DJ was really very likely Shawn from accounting with a lap top. The buffet definitely didn't warrant the $30/head ticket and to add insult to injury, it wasn't an open bar. WTF?
 We decided to go downtown instead and ended up at a bar where older white people were ugly dancing to terrible live music. Husband ordered this cocktail strictly for the copper cup. I told him he looked like he was running for office.
 Since this was the most hilariously depressing date ever I wanted a pack of cigarettes but instead settled for a seedy hookah bar where Husband got to watch Sports Center and I got to blow watermelon smoke.
 Sunday morning was the Santa to the Sea marathon so we all yelled at runners from our backyard.
 This exhausted poor Betty so she passed out on a Santa pillow while Husband skyped with his folks.
 Sunday night was my Ma's ornament party so BFF came up.
Here I am with my ball. Same dress all month long, baby.
And this happened this morning so it doesn't really qualify as a weekend post but Casey was so proud of himself yesterday for putting on his shoes by himself that I asked him to dress himself this morning. I laid out all his clothes on his bed and went to finish getting ready for work. A few minutes later he came into my room saying "I did it again mom!" but clearly doesn't realize that pants are the important first step when dressing. He's so f*&^ing cute.


Haiku Friday

Yesterday I wept
Seeing Casey as Joseph
Oh, Christmas pageants
This season's so great
Because of his excitement
He brings out the best
In me and in my artwork
You know you're jealous


Moral of the Story Humpday

It's been over a year since my dad passed away and I think I've handled my grief pretty well. Every day I work, I come to the building he owned and the business he created and see his name plate still hanging by the door of his now empty office. There is not a day that passes that he doesn't cross my mind. Last weekend was a little rough because on Saturday morning I took my mom's picture for her Christmas card and it was just her and the grandchildren and I could just feel that my dad was not there with his wife and his grandchildren. Later that night was our company Christmas party and he would not be there with us and I would be the one to give the speech that he always gave. Because of all that I had what most people would call a panic attack. The thing about grieving is sometimes you don't know how sad you are until you're basically completely destroyed.
I was reflecting on last year and remembered that in mid-October, about a month before my dad died, he and my mom and I attended a fundraiser. When we'd arrived, they'd taken our picture and I never saw it. Since I keep in touch with people that worked at the fundraiser on Facebook, I thought what would the harm be in asking if they could locate those pictures. Let me just say, when that email came through I audibly gasped and my eyes welled with tears. In my mind, misted with nostalgia, these pictures would really be something beautiful. The last known pictures I had taken before I'd lost the most important person in my life. Sometimes, though, reality sets in and damn if it isn't hilarious.

 This one is my favorite
 5 month old fetus-Christa's in there!
 Why are we all so shocked and suspicious?
 What on God's green earth!?

I shared these with a friend and the following exchange happened and I laughed and laughed:
me That one at the table is too funny dude
why are we terrified?
him why are you in an invisible wheelchair?
me Right!?
him your dad has a power beard. very archaeologist
me He's fucking indiana jones up in this bitch
with his man satchel
him he's solving history crimes
me Davinci Code'in it up!
him:  he has a real opinion about babylonian culture
me LOL
you're killing me
him your dad has a room in his house where all the shit hanging on the walls comes with it's own 20 minute story
me oh jumanji
i'm glad you're bored. i got to reap that fantasticness out of you
I can only imagine how amused my dad would be about all this. I guess that's the point of it all right? 
MORAL OF THAT STORY: Life just isn't pretty sometimes. The least we can do is laugh.


Christa Tuesday - 42 Weeks

It is the fourth week of Christa's ninth month. In nine days she will be ten months old. In ten weeks she will be a year. They really aren't kidding when they say, "If you blink, you'll miss it." She's growing up pretty darn quickly. She eats what we're eating now, just in tiny pieces. It always cracks me up when I'm slicing a blueberry in half but I get a little paranoid about her swallowing them whole if the skin's not broken.
Last night she was up about three times but for the most part if I stick a chupie back in her mouth, put her blankie back on and pat her she falls right back to sleep. Casey was always up for long periods of time in the night so this makes me not mind getting up so much. She is constantly on the move and can grab anything that's even slightly within her reach, so much so that we think she is part octopus. Last night she was lying on her back kicking the ornaments off the Christmas tree if that's any indication of her terrorist motives.
She is making lots of new noises and is trying to kiss now. She is never happier than in the morning when Betty or Casey come into the room. Her hair is getting longer and wavier. Her top teeth are visible through the gum so that little smile will soon change from the upside down beaver mouth it is now. Even when all the things are breaking everywhere around us and money is tight, I look at that face and have not a care in the world. Little ray of sunshine, she is.