6 Years Ago Haiku Friday

Rehearsal dinner
Night before we said I do
Me and Curly Head
We sure have changed some
Though it seems like yesterday
He's still my favorite
Now, kids and a house
The two of us have become
The Friday Family



This year has been a rough one for me as far as television goes. Glee, Parks & Recreation and Mad Men all came to their end. The Mindy Project was canceled. Tom Bergeron bid farewell to America's Funniest Videos after fifteen years in my life. I have shed a tear or two, it's true. Luckily, I have Netflix. Orange is the New Black is back next month. And for now, there is Daredevil. Husband is a huge fan of podcasts and one podcast he listens to is Kevin Smith's who happens to be a big time comic book guy so he heard about this program. Since I, too, am down with the superhero, Husband sort of forced this show on me. He basically insisted I watch the first two episodes and now every time we have had a moment, guess what pops up on the TV?
This is essentially that critically panned Ben Affleck movie only better. I can't say that for fact as I have not seen the movie, but that is the word on the streets. Essentially, Matthew is a blind lawyer by day, crime fighter by night. It takes place in Hell's Kitchen after Loki's destruction in The Avengers so crime is rampant in the streets. It's very dark and gritty and everyone seems to be speaking in forceful yet hushed tones. Since Husband is hard of hearing, we watch with subtitles and there is a lot of colorfully descriptive "Bones Crunching" type adjectives on the screen at any given time. Lots of blood and realistic violence.
Somehow, I am totally okay with Superman flying and Bruce Banner transforming into Hulk and rich people like Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark buying their way superhero status with a bunch of tech but the suspension of disbelief needed for me to accept a blind man fighting crime is simply too much. Matthew is BLIND but he can run through the streets of New York at warp speed and parkour his way up the sides of building to save someone. He can magically hone in on the sound of a ticking watch and identify a person using only this sound and then proceed use this sound to track him across town. From what Husband tells me, it will soon be revealed how he came to do this but it better be a good damned story for me to buy it. We've already learned he can take a punch like a champ and fight like the dickens because his dad was a professional boxer.
Does that mean I dislike Daredevil? Not at all. Right now Rosario Dawson and Vincent D'Onofrio are stealing the scene with their acting chops. Four or so episodes in, the storyline is actually quite gripping and I'm looking forward to being forced into watching more. There are villains galore plus it's New York, a city I love to see on screen. But the blind thing and the fact that I can't help but see Christine's husband sometimes when I look at Matthew, is making it hard for me.


Weekend Pics

 On Friday after work, I dragged the kids to the park for an hour then we went to watch my nephew play flag football. He scored three touchdowns. So proud.
 His grandmas were there, too. Kids love laying on Grandma Rhonda. Christa would not leave Gaga's purse or iPhone alone. For nothin'.
 Saturday we stayed close to home. Look at this little monster. I love these PJs. And her hair. And those socks. And her.
 My new favorite thing is watching these two play in the sandbox.
 Sunday was the Strawberry Festival! We went early and had loads of fun, rocked out to some local Mexican music and ate some yummy food. Not too shabby.
 After naps we played outside again because the weather was GORGEOUS.
This is mostly what I did on Saturday. Load up bookshelves, moved pictures around, basically gave the house a wee facelift. I'm quite happy with my new grownup looking casa. I'm super mature now because I'm 38. Or something.


National Chocolate Chip Day Haiku Friday

I'm celebrating
Nine years working at my job
By hardly working
This week was a bear
Short-staffed plus my birthday off
Busy little bee
I'd sure love a raise
Since I've been spending money
Like it is water.



One of my favorite parts of the morning is getting ready with Christa. Well, technically, I get ready and involve her as she sits on my counter top. This keeps her from emptying all the drawers and cupboards at my feet. I will dab her face with my powder sponge, put a little blush on her cheeks and gloss on her lips, brush her hair a bit. Today she decided to hijack all of the toothbrushes. I will eat her alive, you guys.


38 And Feelin' Great

My birthday ruled.
 Porky Piggin' It
 My morning with munchkins
 New necklace, new 'do, new me
 Ma's magnetism
 Son selfies
 Free dessert
 My Barbie Princess Cake
 Birthday game!
With Besties!
 I wept.
 Photo bomber for the win. I am drunk. Yes.
 After. Hahaha
The absolute love of my life. Seriously the best. Bought me a spa DAY! Got my name on the board. Spoils me. Loves me. Completes me. That's the real sap. XO


Mothers Day Weekend Pics

 On Friday after work I felt like reheated garbage so I took the kids to "Old McDonald's" for happy meals. Casey was thrilled about the park. It's the little things.
 Saturday was BFF's shower. We drank champagne, ate delicious nums, celebrated the beeps, made onesies. I won a game. Mostly it was amazing because it was outdoors with awesome grown up ladies and my children and husband were not there.
 This was before we went to visit my Gran at the home. I love these kids. They make me so happy. Happy looks good on me I think.
 Then we saw this doggie trunk surfing.
 This is how Tutti rocks a dress. I want to be her.
 My fam bam before brunch.
My ma and Tutti
 My mother's day gift. I hate birds but I really like to feed them and offer them a bath at my home. I am a mystery wrapped in an enigma.
 Here's my wee flower bed that I work so hard to maintain. To fight the drought, I drag buckets of the kids' bathwater out every night so flowers can bloom for my buzzing bees and happy hummingbirds.
 We let the kids play outdoors in their jammies after bath. Makes sense.
The end of Mothers Day. The Fridays. Happiness is.