It was Ash Wednesday and Husband and I flirted with the idea of giving up drinking for Lent despite the fact that neither of us is a practicing Catholic. Guess what? We had beer last night. That didn't last long. We, as a family, worked on a Valentine's Day card for Casey's teacher and things got a little nuts with stickers.

Just doing the usual, working and whatnot. I drove out to a customer's place during my lunch break to buy Girl Scout cookies that I then wrapped and decorated to give Husband for Valentine's Day. I pretend to not care about that holiday but I guess I kind of do. Casey has his wee Valentine's Day exchange today so I guess it put me in the mood.

Friday! Half day! Casey has no school so I'm taking the afternoon off to spend time with him and his sister instead of torturing Maria with both my offspring. Hopefully we can do something artsy fartsy and decorate the house in hearts or some such nonsense because kids really dig that shit. Kicking off a three day weekend that as of now has ZERO plans... weird.


Weekend Pics

 This is Sugar. She's nice. Christa loves wowows.
 Just a girl and a dog in a truck heading into work.
 Kids at Target, super safe style.
 Lunch at McDonald's. That is quite the booth.
 Surprisingly, she's happy and saying "Cheese."
 Valentine's Assembly Line
 Me and Toots on the swing.
 Sleepy Toots
Ugly crying after Gaga.
 Joz wrecking my pool and being adorable.
More babies. 
 Sasha escaping.
 Is she drunk too? 
Cuz I sure was.


Bubble Gum Haiku Friday

It's Bubble Gum Day
My calendar told me so
Who thinks of these things?
Glad the weekend's here
Got the big game on Sunday
I hope Peyton wins
And I win my pool
And I stuff my big fat face
With food and with beer


Taking A Cue From BFF

It was business as usual but boy was it cold and windy. I've noticed if I don't take the kids to the park after we leave Maria's there tends to be an upswing in crazy behavior. Because of the cold wind, we went straight home to work on the 100 days of Kindergarten project. Apparently once that project was over it was a cue for the boy to become a shrieking, jumping banshee. The girl decided she wanted to have a good cry over just about everything and since she has a wee cold she turned into a snot fountain. I hadn't taken anything out for dinner so I served some frozen pizza of sadness and we basically called it a night after watching New Girl, The Muppets and an episode of The West Wing. Thank God for beer on nights like these.

Getting out of a warm bed to face another cold day didn't seem like anything I wanted to be a part of. My lady time is making my stomach a wreck so I am not having a super fun morning. Hopefully we get to go to the park after work to avoid another train-wreck like last night. At least I had the sense to thaw some chicken so we don't have to have another depressing meal. Also? Looking forward to that beer already.

Casey's got half days tomorrow and Friday. How could there have been 100 days of kindergarten if those children never seem to be in class? Three weeks for Christmas? One for Thanksgiving? Two for spring break? Man, give me that life! Husband will be on call tomorrow night so that's never a good time. What a downer this post turned out to be! LOL Happy hump day indeed.


Date Night

For Christmas, my brother got me a gift certificate to see a movie at Cinéopolis in Westlake Village. For those of you like me who are not in the know, this is a very fancy movie theater that offers an "21 and over" option. They have reclining leather lounge chairs and waiters who will serve you dinner or drinks or snacks, whatever your wee heart desires. Husband and I made reservations (yes, reservations!) to see a Saturday night showing of The Revenant. Let me just say before I go any further, this was the most expensive movie I have ever seen. The tickets alone were $45; we had to pay the sitter about $60 to drive out of town to see the longest movie ever; and if you have table service, you know you better #treatyoself! I ordered delicious New England lobster rolls, gourmet zebra popcorn, Husband had a fancy ass cheeseburger and we both had a couple of beers between us. It was an awesome experience that has likely ruined regular movie going for me forever but CA-CHING $$$!!!
Now let's take a minute and talk about the movie. I've heard many people rave about this one and Lord knows Leo's due for an Oscar considering his impeccable body of work to date so it was worth watching before the awards were given out. Plus, it's not often I let Husband pick a film and this was one he wanted to see so I sucked it up despite it's two and a half hour running time. It's no secret around these parts that I really get into a movie and boy was I jumping in Husband's lap for most of this. There are trappers fighting with Native Americans over pelts, French settlers raping, animals attacking and rivers roaring... just mayhem! I was ducking arrows and dodging bullets! Aside from the violence factor, there is plenty of blood, guts and gore galore to be had here. My goodness. I don't know how much I can give away here without spoiling the movie but we all know a bear mauls Leo to near death and we all know that the aftermath of that sort of activity cannot be pretty.
I left this movie UPSET, you guys. Upset. As far as Leo goes, if he doesn't get an Oscar for this, he just needs to hang up his acting career out of spite. Filming in an arctic tundra and icy waters for who knows how long while crawling on your belly and hardly speaking could not have been easy. Tom Hardy is a fantastic bad guy... he made me so mad. It also made me so mad to see what the white folks have done to the Native Americans. It's one thing to read about it but to see that shit made me sick to my stomach. I did not like it. I also did not like how this movie invoked what seemed to me as some gratuitous Native spirituality. Easy does it on the folklore chants and rain sticks, guys. We got it.
That being said, what a beautiful movie. What incredible acting. WHAT A STORY! I mean, this really happened! An actual man was mauled by a bear, left for dead and crossed icy terrain for SO long just to get vengeance! When you think of how this was done, in that time period? I mean WOW. Hugh Glass was one tough son of a bitch. I recommend this movie but just go in knowing you're going to see some shit. As my friend Maine said, "It's not the kind of movie you want to eat a lasagna while watching." Indeed. I left with a stomach ache.
 That's right. Lounging.
Me and the Mister. LOVE


Weekend Pics

 The only time we left the house Saturday. Took it so easy.
 Christa and Daddy making pancakes on Sunday.
 Rainy day baking chocolate chip cookies with Casey.
 Took two naps with this cherub this weekend. Sigh.
 BRRRR guys! Cold, windy and rainy Sunday!
 Hiding with Mama
 Hiding with Dada
'prise, Mama!


Belated Haiku Friday

We took the day off
Husband and I, just to hang
No kids for four hours
Kids to the dentist
They both did just wonderful
And then we ditched them
Went out to breakfast
Hit Salzers and the nursery
And simply rested

 Christa's First Dentist Visit
 She did good and got a prize.
 Casey being handsome outside the Beer Cave
 Beer cave results led to a Celine Dion singalong.
Christa sharing her new baby with Betty.